Hunter Education

In Class

To qualify for a hunting licence in Manitoba, any person who obtained their first hunting licence after 1969 must be a graduate of the provincial Manitoba Hunter Education Course or a similar hunter education course from another province or state. The federal Canadian Firearms Safety Course (PAL) does not meet this requirement. 

How old do I need to be? 

A person must be at least 12 years of age to purchase a hunting licence or qualify for the youth hunting provision. Students ages 10 & 11 can take this course, and they will receive a Hunter Apprenticeship certificate which will automatically turn into a Hunter Education certificate once they become 12 with no need to redo this course. Youth ages 10 & 11 have a shared bag limit for bird hunting.   

Once I qualify or pass the Manitoba Hunter Education Course, do I need any other courses? 

No, a person hunting under the direct supervision (within arm’s reach) of an adult with a firearms licence does not need any other courses or a federal firearms licence. However, anyone wishing to hunt away from the direct supervision of an adult with a firearms licence needs a Federal Firearms Licence (Possession Acquisition Licence or a Minor’s Possession Licence).


 Do your Hunter Education course from home at your own pace. Ages 12+